Rug Delivery Cleaning Services

Rug Delivery Cleaning Services

Rug cleaning with JBGoodhelper brings the patterns and colors of your rugs back to their original beauty.

We understand that your delicate fabrics are an expensive investment that, unlike regular carpets and upholstery, can last up to 150 years or more with proper care and attention.

That’s why we ensure that your rug cleaning work are carried out by our trained area rug specialists in our unique plant using a process combining craftsmanship, new technology, and powerful yet gentle cleaning solutions. It’s powerfully soft on your investment textiles!

Before we start the cleaning process for any rug, we photograph and inspect each rug thoroughly. After the dry process, we do a post inspection and wrap each rug individually for delivery.


Our Customer Service person will offer you the following options for your to choose from:

 Rug Cleaning On-Site Service

When it comes to rug cleaning, we understand that these delicate and often valuable pieces need to be handled with care. Rugs can be cleaned on-site, but this will depend upon the extent of soiling, size and convenience to you.

 Rug Cleaning Off-Site Service

Off-site rug cleaning will involve cleaning the rug at our purpose-built rug cleaning facility where once cleaned, restored and dried they will be re-vacuumed. We do a post inspection and wrap each rug individually for delivery to your office / facility.

With JBGoodhelper, You’ll Benefit From:

  Unsurpassed cleaning performance with long lasting results

  A 100% hassle-free service with minimum disruption

  Safe, non-toxic treatment – not harmful to children or pets

  An effective and professional service undertaken by cleaning professionals

JBGoodhelper is Your Trusted Partner in Removing Allergens and Bacteria From Your Home & Office

Experience a clear difference in the before and after look, feel, smell and actual cleanliness when you engage us to do rug cleanings for you

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