F A Q | What We Didn't Do

 -Exterior window cleaning for high rise apartments

-Ceiling cleanings not done from a safe position

-Usage of dangerous or harmful chemical

-Deep stain removal

-Pest infestation removal (rats / lizards / cockroaches etc)

-Pet or pet related cleanings (pet poo, urine, fleas, ticks)

-Insects or birds removals

-Cleaning extremely smelly and filthy apartments

-Cleaning of lighting fixtures

-Lifting and moving heavy furniture or vacuuming and dusting areas outside of normal reach
(essentially anything that endangers their physical well-being that can compromise their safety).

F A Q | Booking

Can I cancel my booking?

You may cancel a booking but it should be done 24 hours before the scheduled time and date without penalty.
But JB Goodhelper will charge a penalty fee of 1 hour should you decide to cancel / reschedule 24 hours or less, from booking time and date, after booking has been confirmed .

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive a confirmation Whatapps and/or e-mail via the mobile number and/or e-mail address you have provided in your booking order to indicate that your booking has been assigned with a housekeeper. 

Do I need to inform in advance to get your cleaning service?

Yes , please allow us 3 days to arrange house cleaning service for you.

I need a last minute today or tomorrow. Can you find a cleaner?

Please give us a call if you need house cleaning service urgently. We will try our best to arrange the cleaners for your house cleaning.

F A Q | Housekeeper

Where are your housekeeper from?

Our housekeeper are from INDONESIA . Rest assured that we do a thorough check with their legal work status before we deploy them on a job.

How can I be assured of the housekeeper’ experiences?

All helpers go through a highly selective process to ensure that they have the right attitude and relevant experience.
Subsequently, we ask you for feedback every month (or you can shoot us a email anytime) about your cleaning so we can iteratively improve on the way we clean your home. 

Will I be assigned the same housekeeper for all my bookings?

We will try our best to assign the same service crew. If your preferred service crew is unable during your requested session, we will assign another service crew to you.

I have specific requests for my cleaning session. How can I let the service provider know?

Tailored requests can be indicated in the comments section, when making your booking. Also, during our call or message to you, you may also let us know your specific requirements.

What if my part-time housekeeper is late?

As our workers rely on public transport to get around, they are subject to traffic conditions and fluctuations in bus schedules. As such, they might be a little earlier or later by up to 30 minutes. If your cleaner arrives 30 minutes late, he / she will also work till 30 minutes after the scheduled service end time.

F A Q | Cleaning

Do I have to be at home during the cleaning?

In the beginning, we do advise our clients to be present to supervise and orientate the helpers. Subsequently, it is up to our clients’ decision whether or not to leave their keys with the helper. However, if you are unable to be at home, kindly contact us +60149110293 to advise the entry instructions. For example: where our service crews can locate the key and even provide them with any special instructions regarding the cleaning.

Is it safe to leave my valuables around at home while the service crews are cleaning?

Our services crews have been background checked and brief about the do and don’ts while they are performing their duty. Nevertheless, we recommend that you should keep your valuables away to avoid any dispute.

Do I have to provide my own equipment?

Yes, do ensure you have the cleaning equipment such as brooms, mops, rags, scrub, pails, ladder/stool and vacuum cleaners as well as sufficient quantities of cleaning solutions.

Who will be the one responsible should the helper injure herself during her course of work?

Our helpers have been briefed about safety issues and will take the necessary precautions and safety measures.

What happens if theft occurs?

Home owners are strongly advised to keep all valuable items away to prevent any misunderstandings. However, should a theft or any other criminal offence occurs, please report the matter to us within 24 hours and the police may be roped in to help. Read our Term of use here 

What happens if item breakage ?

In case of any breakage by our cleaners, JB Goodhelper will only be liable for a maximum of MYR150 .  We would not be responsible if it’s due to wear and tear. Read our Term of use here